So Jo and I decided to take a road trip from San Francisco to Killeen Texas to visit her family.  I made the trip from the Bay Area to Texas once before and I’m glad Jo was up for the experience because it was something I really enjoyed.  There is something very therapeutic about a long road trip.  Having that much time to think, reflect, and if you are with someone, to talk with them with no distractions is just something that many people in their day to day lives don’t necessarily get.  Also in the age of immediate gratification and travel via airlines, the idea that it will take some significant time to get to your destination, there is just something liberating abut that, being on the road, only stopping for food and rest.  So on our trip we saw some amazing landscapes and skies.  I thought I’d share some of our photos.

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Jo and I ran the Las Vegas Rock & Roll half marathon together. This was my first half marathon and Jo’s fourth now. Jo decided to pass the torch of running as Elvis to Rachel this year. We met with our friends Lori, Rachel, Warren, Mike, Lisa, Drew, Maika, and Zach as well. This is turning into a yearly event which is just a blast. It’s fun to go to Vegas and have something else to do besides gambling the whole time. We can’t wait until next year, in fact I think we’ll be running the Rock & Roll half marathon in Dallas in March.

I also thought I’d post the route we ran since I tracked the run in RunKeeper.

Jo and I decided to actually dress up and go somewhere nice for our anniversary this year. Not that we don’t do something nice every year but but for our 13th anniversary it just seemed like a milestone. We went to Stomp in Blackhawk. It’s a new wine & small plates lounge near us. It’s becoming one of our favorite places to go for a light meal and mine.

Well Jo and I didn’t have a wild New Years like we did last year. We went out early, had dinner and some drinks, then we came back to spend New Years with Stanley while watching Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffith on CNN. Was it just me or was Kathy Griffith out of control. Yeah, she really did say that on the air. If you didn’t see it just Google it, you’ll find it. I think there is a clip on YouTube as well.

Jo and also upgraded our projector, as kind of a Christmas gift to ourselves. It’s a Panasonic PT-AE3000U, 1600 ANSI Lumens, Widescreen, 1080p High Definition, Home Theater Projector with Smooth Screen Technology. It was a little pricey but well worth it.