Thanksgiving San Francisco Turkey Trot, and more …

Jo and I started our Thanksgiving morning by running the 5 mile San Francisco Turkey Trot in Golden Gate Park.  It was a very cold morning and unfortunately before the race, the race swag, signage, and snacks were stolen, but the race went on.  More info on the theft.  Jo’s new company, Chegg was kind enough to provide us both with running shirts, go team Chegg!  Oh that’s right, I haven’t mentioned that before.  Jo recently left Gap Inc. for a director position with Chegg, a company that provides services to students.  The race was a blast.  While getting up before sunrise and freezing our butts off was not that great, the run was well worth it.  So after a nice 5 mile run, Jo and I had a great Thanksgiving dinner at Sutter Pub.  The food was excellent and best of all, no clean up afterwords.






Well, Jo and I had a quiet Thanksgiving at home this year. We have both been quite busy and we felt that we needed the time off to recharge and relax. So far it has been exactly what we hoped for. I hope the family understands our desire to have a low key Thanksgiving. I hope everyone else had a great one as well.



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