Well I can’t say this season for our soccer team as turned out like I would have hoped but it’s been fun in any event. We also have some really great guys on our team. Everyone has a great attitude and we don’t have any jerks on the team. One of our players, Andras, who’s out with a shoulder injury was nice enough to take some great pictures during our last game. Yes, this is a little selective, shameless self promotion. I mostly choose photos with me in them.

This is our team photo for our men’s team in the East Bay Men’s League. One thing is certain, playing soccer in the summer, in Livermore, is hot. It’s also tough since a lot of people take trips in the summer. We had a difficult time with player availability. When we did have all of our players, we had a really good team.

Well there has not been much news lately. Stanley is still a tennis ball obsessed Labrador Retriever. Jo has braces, in her on-going quest to improve herself. I am still working, loving my job, and playing soccer as regularly as possible. My co-ed league is off until the fall. My men’s team is finally starting our summer season. We had to forfeit our first game while we were trying to finalize our roster. Our team manager found it difficult to manage a soccer team after having a new born daughter so the responsibilities have fallen on me. So in honor of the new season I updated our team logo. I don’t do much for an artistic outlet these days so soccer team logos will have to do.

Well the East Bay Men’s Soccer League has ended for the spring season and our team the Red Devils finished with 4 wins and 6 losses. We won our last three games, defeating the best team in our division in our last game today, so I think our team really started to come together near the end of the season. Given we were a new team this season I think we did well. We’ll see how the summer season goes. The following two team photos were taken from our last two games. We had folks missing in both games so a complete team photo wasn’t possible.