Well another year and a new decade. Jo and I lost a dear friend, Randy Showalter last year. We’ll remember her fondly, especially when visiting our local wineries.

For less important note worthy updates, I think I have swung back to the apathetic view of politics over this year. I seem to have a recurring ankle injury every soccer season which is very frustrating. I’d hate to take a season off from soccer but since I started running with Jo I think I am beginning to enjoy running more and more. Jo is taking on yet another self improvement phase, of which I am very excited and jealous. I’ll have some photos to post soon of this new endeavor she is taking on. Stanley is still doing well and every bit the crazy Labrador he’s ever been, even though he’s slowing down in his old age. Jo and I are now ardent Mac users. I did upgrade from the MacBook Air to a MacBook Pro. The MacBook Air is a brilliant machine but I did need the extra RAM and CPU power of the MacBook Pro.