Nothing much new going so I thought I’d post photos of my upgraded rotor head for my Walkera Genius FP helicopter. I found metal blade holders for the Walkera Super FP. They are pretty similar helicopters so I adapted the blade holder to my Geious FP, which requires that I use the Super FP blades as well. At this point my Genius is sort of a mash up of a several upgrade parts and pretty much the entire Super FP rotor head. So I’m calling mine a Super Genius FP. In any even it flys great now and I’m pretty much only flying this one. The other two helicopters are pretty much collecting dust at this point.



Well I never intended to own three micro helis but, … it just sort of happened over time. From left to right, Syma S107G, this simple, fun to fly, coaxial heli was the gateway drug. Next I ventured into the 4 channel, fixed pitched, flybarless with the Walkera Genius FP. I have the most time on this one and it’s fun to fly, a little tricky, and fun to upgrade and tinker with. Last I’ve been trying to fly the flybar, fixed pitched Walkera CB100. The stock tail motor had broken wires so I upgraded the tail motor and I’ve been battling the twitchy tail on this one. It’s an OK flyer and I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it but so far the Genius FP has been my favorite.

And here is an up close shot of the Walkera Genius FP. The upgraded parts are the landing gear, the metal rotor head, the metal swashplate, and the custom aluminum tail.