So our friend Emily invited Lori, Jo, and I along with a group of her other friends to go on a hike for her birthday near Mount Tamalpais. It was incredibly beautiful. Jo and I will definitely be going back to do this hike again. It’s also pretty amazing that this is just a short drive from San Francisco. Here are some photos from the hike.

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Our friend Lori went with us on a city hike and took us through some cool parts of the city, including the hidden stairways at the top of which we walked around Coit Tower..  We also stopped at the cable car museum near our apartment, and we also walked by the Grace Cathedral.


Nothing special for this post but we did manage to catch part of the North Beach festival in the city. When I say part of it that means we found a little beer garden set up in the street that was blocked off and had a beer until the fog started to roll in. I aslo spotted one of the Bansky pieces here in San Francisco.


Our friend Lori had wanted to hike to the Point Bonita Lighthouse for some time. So for her birthday her friend Emily had arranged a picnic and walk to the lighthouse for her birthday with some of her close friends. We were honored to be included in that crowd.

The weather was amazing and fortunately there was no fog. So on on a day that the rest of the bay area was sweltering in heat we were in possibly one of the coolest places we could be. Not to mention the scenery, views, and company were all amazing. So on the walk to the light house you pass through a small tunnel, around some rocky foot paths over looking the water, and finally across a suspension bridge to the lighthouse.

Jo and I ran the Las Vegas Rock & Roll half marathon together. This was my first half marathon and Jo’s fourth now. Jo decided to pass the torch of running as Elvis to Rachel this year. We met with our friends Lori, Rachel, Warren, Mike, Lisa, Drew, Maika, and Zach as well. This is turning into a yearly event which is just a blast. It’s fun to go to Vegas and have something else to do besides gambling the whole time. We can’t wait until next year, in fact I think we’ll be running the Rock & Roll half marathon in Dallas in March.

I also thought I’d post the route we ran since I tracked the run in RunKeeper.

Jo ran in the Las Vegas Rock & Roll half marathon. She and Lori ran dressed as Elvis along with 200 other running Elvi. Mike also ran while Drew, Maika, Lisa, and I provided moral support and cheered them on. Lori picked up the nick name “spice cake” from some spectators. Jo picked up the nick name “lion pass” and Maika is now also known as “hot sauce”. If these require explanation just ask.

I guess next year I’ll be running with them. In fact I think Jo and I will be running in the Big Sur marathon in a few months, probably not the full marathon though.

Happy New Year! So we brought in 2008 at our friend’s house Lori and Neal. They are such a riot to hang out with. Neal kept Jo in stitches most of the night with his crazy stories. This is Jo, Neal, Ramsey, and Robin.

Our hostess, Lori, and friends roughly around midnight as they were toasting the New Year.

Those crazy Midwesterners and their shots of well …, who knows what these were. They came after the Jager Bombs.