What is a Labrador to do on a beautiful Saturday morning? I mean he woke Jo up at 7:30 this morning demanding a early morning jaunt out to the park. He had his breakfast which included scrambled eggs. I was watching soccer and not giving him the proper attention he felt he deserved and his mid day walk is still some time away. So a good snooze on the patio sofa seems like the best option when you think about it. The photo of the flowers were just thrown in on this post because I thought they looked nice.

Yes that is the face of a Labrador who knows how to ham it up for the camera. Well, there isn’t much new lately at the chiti-graf household. I’m still running and blogging in my spare time. I haven’t played soccer since November but I think my ankle may be about ready to test in a pickup game soon. Jo is still playing and practicing the violin. I think she improves every week. She hasn’t been running since aggravating her IT band, so she’s been going to yoga with friends from work. I think she likes it.

The rainy season is coming to an end here in Northern California and spring time here is just ridiculously beautiful. I included some photos below.

Here is the the view from our patio into the common courtyard at the condo moved to in Dublin. This condo is perfect for Jo and I and Stanley. We have a park to walk Stanley just behind the complex. This has been my favorite place I have ever lived so far.

Well since we have moved to a new condo in Dublin from the house we were renting in Pleasanton it only seemed natural to update our home on the Internet as well.

Also on this date 11 years ago Jo and I decided to get hitched.

So here is a picture of the courtyard just outside our patio at the new condo we’re renting. Thank goodness the move is over. Although as far as moving goes it wasn’t terrible. We didn’t have to move far and we pretty much got everything one truck load. Also a side benefit to moving is cleaning out all of the stuff we acquired over 4 years and didn’t use. A nice rule of thumb is if we haven’t used it in a year get rid of it.