Migration from Blogger to WordPress

Well, that wasn’t so hard now was it?  Chiti-Graf.net has a new home on WordPress!  I migrated our blog from Blogger this morning and it was pretty easy.  WordPress has a nice tool in which you load a Blogger export XML file and voilà!  A new WordPress blog is born.  Well in this case, maybe reincarnated.  Of course with any migration there are some things to clean up so bare with me while I fix a few links and images.  So, I have a lot of posts and content to go back through and check.  After all Chiti-Graf.net has been around since 2004.  It started out as a hosted static web site, then moved to Blogger, and now to WordPress.

Update:  Well, not everything went perfectly smooth during the migration.  When I imported from Blogger, only roughly the first 2 pages of posts had images migrated so I had to use the Import External Images plugin to complete the image migration.  That worked pretty well.  I did have to restart it once however, I assume because my blog has a lot of images.  The other thing that didn’t go as smoothly with the migration was that the labels from my posts in Blogger were migrated as categories in WordPress.  In Blogger, labels seem to function more like tags in WordPress.  I like the tag cloud feature so this wasn’t so great.  I have to manually copy all of my categories from each post into the tags field in WordPress.  The only other minor snag was that comments from posts didn’t seem to get migrated either.  I’m not terribly concerned about that however.  So other than these few snags, I was pretty happy with the migration experience.

Another Update: So the whole image transfer was a bit of a train wreck. Somehow I ended up with many duplicate images and broken image links in my posts. I’ll have to go through almost every post and manually clean things up.  I’m not sure if this was an issue with the the plugin that imported images or something I did.  In any case it is a bit of a mess.

Final Update: So after many hours of clean up the images and links to images are fixed. The image migration was probably the worst part of the experience. Like I said I’m not sure if it was a mistake on my part or an issue with the plugin.  However there were some strange inconsistencies.  Photos from newer posts seemed to migrate fine, but some photos were migrated only in the small thumbnail size so when clicking on some images only the small size is shown. I’ll have to update the small images in posts manually over time. Some of the images don’t even have links to larger sizes and this is due to prior migrations and inconsistencies in image loading from Blogger.

Good news everyone! Well, chiti-graf.net is now a blog. I’ve migrated our site from static web pages to Blogger. So now you can comment on our posts and find posts easier. For us, we can update our site a bit easier now. So hopefully that will mean more frequent updates. I also hope that Jo will post now that updating our site is much easier for her. I have a few older posts to go back and add and tie up a few lose ends but the site is getting pretty close. So feel free to comment or let us know what you think of our site.

I’ve been busy lately and haven’t updated this site in a while. As I thought, since joining Facebook I’ve been updating it more than this site. By the way you can check out Jo and I on Facebook:

Jo Chiti on Facebook

Tim Graf on Facebook

Now to make things worse, (or better depending on your view), my Friend Brad and I have started a blog, www.2guysfromtexas.com. We don’t have many posts just yet but we’ll get there. Basically it’s a place were Brad and I can voice our opinions or let folks know about things we think are cool or important. Hopefully we can create something worth visiting from time to time.

Meanwhile, I’ll try to keep this site updated regularly.