Well Jo and I officially cleaned the Dublin apartment and handed over the keys so we no longer have an east bay residence.  Also we are settling in quite nicely into our SF apartment.

On the first day in our new pad we had to venture out into the neighborhood and find a local hardware store, Brownies Hardware.  It’s a very cool place, one of those small eclectic hardware stores with a super helpful cute, young, chicky that helped us out.  A far better experience than some huge, old, dude in The Home Depot growl something about nuts on isle twelve.  Anyway, our kitchen bar table came with one nut that was not threaded so we had to run out and find a hardware store nearby and Brownies Hardware completely met our needs.  Also on the way back we found a great little market with fresh produce so we had to get some fruit and cheese to snack on later with some good wine.

Anyway, the apartment is coming along, just don’t look in the closets or the bedroom.  Other than that we are settling in well.  I think we are both in love with our new place.  We feel like we fit in already.  Here are a few photos of our new pad so far.


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  1. OMG! It looks amazing! Will you help me redecorate mine?

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