So you found us, Jo Chiti and Tim Graf.  This is our little home on the inter-webs.  So, a little bit about us.  We live in San Francisco California and have been in the Bay Area since 2003.  Previously we lived in Texas.  We absolutely love living in the city and enjoy spending time with our friends and going to the many restaurants San Francisco has to offer.  The photo above is from our Anniversary dinner in Rome in 2013.  It’s one of my favorites and I especially like that we caught the guy behind us taking what looks to be a healthy drink of his wine.

Our blog dates back to 2004 and started out as a static web site, then migrated to Blogger, and now migrated to WordPress.  This is just a place where we can update our friends and family on what we’re up to and share some stories and photos.  We hope you enjoy.