Comcast, Chrome, DNS, Crashes, Oh my …

So here is a story. I’m posting this in hopes of saving someone else a couple of days of headaches like I just had. So there we were, my wife and I sitting on the sofa when she tells me that Google Chrome is crashing on her Macbook. So I check it out and sure enough, after launching Chrome it immediately crashes, showing us a dialog which tells us that Google Chrome has quit unexpectedly.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 9.00.52 AM

Well, that sucks. So I try some searching on the inter-webs and ran across these for starters.!topic/chrome/Ou60f8SUnKA

Neither of which were of any help. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome several times with no luck. At this point, I’m concerned so I check out my Macbook and well, the same story. OK, this really sucks. So I look for earlier versions of Chrome to try to install, which are hard to find.

I also find Google Chrome’s release channels so I try installing beta and dev builds.

Still no luck. We then notice that Chrome on our iPhones is also crashing on startup. So at this point, I’m thinking a Chrome update or maybe an Apple update was the culprit. But there wasn’t a lot on the inter-webs discussing this issue. If it had been a recent update I would expect a lot of yelling and screaming out there. So I left this for researching later and ready for few drinks to release some frustrations. Sitting down with a drink and ready to watch some Netflix on our Apple TV, I pull up Netflix and bam! White screen, nothing. Oh, I am ready to flip the f__k out! I filed a bug report on Chrome and decided to call it a night.

Then today, at work I notice that Chrome on my iPhone works. OK, this crazy. Then it sort of dawns on me. While searching the inter-webs I remember running across a post on Reddit about Comcast DNS issues. I then remember the Chrome crash report. The crash was in the libresolv.9.dylib library and the bug was assigned to their Internals>Network>DNS components. So as soon as I get home I find the following information about using Google’s Public DNS.

So, I set the DNS IPv4 and IPv6 settings on our WiFi router, reboot, check my phone, now Chrome works from the home network, right on. I check Chrome on my Macbook, hell yeah, we’re rocking with my favorite browser again. I then switch to Apple TV, click on Netflix and Booyah! We got Netflix. Now who’s the shizznit? That’s right. A little strutting a couple of celebratory beers. That headache is finally resolved. In any event, I had to post this in the event someone is in my shoes searching for a resolution. It was definitely not a straightforward issue but had I read the crash report a little closer and put the other information together sooner, I could have had this resolved much quicker.