Well here is part two of our new San Francisco apartment post.  We are completely unpacked now.  We took care of pretty much all of the small things we wanted to to take care of in the apartment, and we are set to start our work week with the house in order now.  Thanks to our neighbors who are moving soon and came to take our boxes off our hands we are settled in now.  Here are a few more photo of the new place.


Well Jo and I officially cleaned the Dublin apartment and handed over the keys so we no longer have an east bay residence.  Also we are settling in quite nicely into our SF apartment.

On the first day in our new pad we had to venture out into the neighborhood and find a local hardware store, Brownies Hardware.  It’s a very cool place, one of those small eclectic hardware stores with a super helpful cute, young, chicky that helped us out.  A far better experience than some huge, old, dude in The Home Depot growl something about nuts on isle twelve.  Anyway, our kitchen bar table came with one nut that was not threaded so we had to run out and find a hardware store nearby and Brownies Hardware completely met our needs.  Also on the way back we found a great little market with fresh produce so we had to get some fruit and cheese to snack on later with some good wine.

Anyway, the apartment is coming along, just don’t look in the closets or the bedroom.  Other than that we are settling in well.  I think we are both in love with our new place.  We feel like we fit in already.  Here are a few photos of our new pad so far.


It’s funny how I begin to appreciate more the place I’ve lived for a year and the incredible person that my nephew is, who has been staying with us for four months, just before it’s all about to end.  But that’s just how it is sometimes.  This year has had many incredible changes for me personally.  My father passing away, my mom leaving Texas to live with my sister, my company moving from Livermore to Dublin, right across Dublin Blvd. from where we live.  My job going through changes, Jo leaving Safeway to go to work for Gap Inc., and now Jo and I moving into San Francisco.

I don’t think I’ve had time to processes what this year has thrown at me so far.  But the fact is I’m looking forward to this newest change with every fiber of my being.  I’m looking forward to starting a new chapter of my life with Jo in one of the greatest cities in the world.  But I will look back fondly on the period, just before the current chapter of our lives ended, here in Dublin, the East Bay of Northern California.  Here with Jo and Zach and eating good food, drinking good drinks, and having very good conversations with people I love.  Jo and I will not have children but we will always look fondly upon Zach.  Not that we had any part in raising him but in hoping that we were able to provide some positive influence for him and hopefully help him to see what we think are the important things in life; quality of life, family, friends, art, philosophy, science, facts, debate, discussion, aesthetics, intellectualism, and design.

We will miss our life here in the East Bay and briefly with Zach, but we hope this next period in our life will bring more wonderful and fulfilling experiences.  Here are just a few photos from our last weekend in Dublin Ca.


So Jo and I came home from work on Thursday to find this guy/gal hanging out on our patio.  Jo being the consummate host fed him som steak left over from the night before.  A little Google searching and we’re pretty sure he/she was a red tailed hawk.  The photos don’t really do this creature justice.  He/she was an absolutely amazing creature.  Jo and I felt special that he/she decided to hang out with us for a while.  Of course the steak was quite an incentive.  I’m not certain what the significance is of a hawk showing up on our patio but it felt like a very positive event.  Here is a quick video clip and photos.

Oh and by the way, our patio is not normally that bare, we had just sold our patio furniture in preparation for our move into San Francisco.