Well not that this year hasn’t been full of enough changes but Jo and I are finally getting to move into the city, San Francisco for those not from the bay area in Northern California.  Everyone in the bay area just refers to San Francisco simply as “The City”.  It’s been a long time coming.  Every since we moved to California in 2003 we have wanted to live in San Francisco.  So since the company I work for moved their head quarters from Livermore to Dublin, and close to a BART station, and since Jo has taken a new job in the city, we are now in a position where we can live in the the city.

So we did look around a bit for a place but we really hoped that we would be able to move into the same building as one of our really good friends.  The second place contender in our search was an apartment in the Presidio on Baker Beach.   OK so it wasn’t exactly in the city.  The apartment was OK, the location was a bit remote, but the scenery was amazing.  The thought of living across the street from these views had its appeal.

In the end, living next to one of our best friends and actually living in the city won out over nice views and a beach across the street.
So as of yesterday we are officially moving into the same building with our friend Lori.  Jo and I couldn’t be more excited.  Jo sold her car since she will not need it and we have movers coming at the end of the month.  We’ve been selling some furniture as well since moving into the city means downsizing a bit.  We dropped off our deposit, lease, and did a walk through of the apartment.  We took a few photos of our new place.  As of the end of May we will officially be San Francisco residents.