So I am trying to add to my repertoire, a little architectural design. I owe a lot of my interest in architecture to my sister in law Marybeth.

The first design was a concept house I created some time ago. I guess you could say I was inspired after receiving a book of Tadao Ando’s work from my sister in law. Originally it was created in a very old version of AutoCAD. I have since exported it to Google SketchUp. This is definitely incomplete work. Like Tadao Ando’s work this house would be constructed of exposed cast-in-place concrete. I still need to add the windows, doors, and sliding glass doors on the patio on the top floor. It’s a three story house. The main living room is on the second floor with a very large, panoramic, curved window. The enclosed portion of the third floor would also have a very large, panoramic, curved window. A central, circular, fireplace would be on the second and third floors. The bedrooms would be on the first floor. The first floor may need more windows. I would have a door on the first floor just to the right of the circular stairway. The stairway leads to the patio on the top floor.

My newest design was inspired when I was on a recent visit to Texas, on my friend Brad’s boat and we were cruising across Benbrook lake. I was looking up on the hills next to the lake and started to day dream about the kind of house I would like to build over looking the lake. The house would be built along side the hill so the entrance is on the upper level of this house. The wrap around deck on the upper level would face the lake to take in the view. The living room, and kitchen would be on the upper level while the bedrooms would be on the lower level.