Well, Jo and I finished moving. We moved most of our stuff in the first day and finished up the next. It went pretty smooth but man, I feel like an old man now. Two things really helped this move go smoothly, we rented a cargo van rather than a moving truck. Since both our old place and new place have parking garages we could drive the van into the garage rather than load a truck on the street. Since we were moving less than a mile away the more trips didn’t matter. We also bought the forearm forklift moving straps to help with moving our mattress. A California king sized Tempur-Pedic is a nightmare to move without those and they worked brilliantly. Even though the move went smoothly, I think for our next move we’ll be hiring someone to move us.

So I’ve been playing around with some maze generation algorithms, namely the recursive backtracker.

Link to the Wikipedia maze algorithm page.

I was once asked during an interview to write a maze solving algorithm. Unfortunately I couldn’t do it there on the spot but I thought about it later and once I was home and not as nervous, I came up with a solution. So I combined the maze generation and maze solving algorithms into a JavaScript class to provide a web based maze creation/solver tool.

Link to my maze generator and solver page.

For those that don’t know, Stanley passed away today. This is very tough for me to write about. Jo and I are having a tough time with his loss.

He had recently had surgery to remove a large lipoma, a fatty mass, from his hip. It turns out that the mass was cancerous, however it was a low grade cancer. Unfortunately shortly after his surgery he developed several infections. We took him back to the vet several times for additional antibiotics but he was not able to fight off the infections.

It’s been very nice to hear from everyone that knew Stanley. It seems that he was a pretty special guy in that he touched a lot of people’s lives. Jo and I will miss him terribly.

The boy finally had surgery to remove the rather large lipoma from his hip. He’s been a real trooper through all of this. The first two days were not fun but he’s already doing much better and he doesn’t look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. He just resemble Frankenstein with his big scar now. I told him chicks dig scars so not to worry.