Well Stanley has begun to take after Natalie in requiring frequent vet visits. Stanley has been going to Camp Bow Wow when the realtor shows the condo during the work week. I picked him up after work on Friday and he was fine at first then started to act a bit off. He wouldn’t lay down or sit and seemed to be in a lot of discomfort. Jo and I ended up taking him to the emergency vet, VSA, and it turns out he has pancreatitis which causes a lot of irritation in his digestive system and he had a lot of air built up which caused the discomfort. So he stayed over night at the vet and he’s doing much better now.

The vet this weekend was great though. Jo and I were very impressed with her. She gave us a lot of information and she was very thorough. She also checked out his lipoma (the fatty tumor) on his hip and she said he was developing some fluid which isn’t quite normal. Usually it would just be a fatty mass with no fluid. So she is recommending we schedule to have it removed even with his age. She said it didn’t have to be right away but we should have it done fairly soon.

Anyway, the boy is home now and doing very well. He even has a nice new red bandanna from VSA.