So I have been playing with some ideas for t-shirt designs. My first two I was going for some vintage cold war era type of designs. I know the USA t-shirt star and broken circle actually go back to WWII but, hey close enough. Let me know what you think.

Jo and I went to Washington DC to attend the Rally to Restore Sanity held by Steven Colbert and Jon Stewart. I followed this rally from the initial idea posted to as a satirical response to Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally and it gained momentum. Redditors added an incentive by contributing half a million dollars to Colbert’s favorite charity Comedy Central and Jon Stewart apparently had a similar idea in the works for some time so the momentum that reddit helped to build more or less gave the impetus needed for Comedy Central to pull the trigger on this event. So the day after this event was officially declared I booked the flight and hotel for Jo and I. I just felt compelled to attend this thing. Also Jo had never been to DC and I thought it was important for her to see DC as well.

One of the cool surprises is we boarded our flight for DC from SFO and Jamie Hyneman was sitting in 1st class. I thought it was just a cool coincidence but it turns out both Jamie and Adam from the MythBusters were part of the rally as well. So the MythBusters had the rally crowd do the wave and they timed it. They also had us all jump up and down to see if we could be measured on a seismometer. Another cool surprise was Father Guido Sarducci was also part of the rally. He was just as funny as I remember him and he looked exactly the same after all these years.

Jo and I did our best to tour as many monuments and museums as we could in 4 days. We had an amazing time. I highly recommend everyone visit DC at least once. See our photo slideshow below.