Jo and talked about the feelings of respect and awe we both felt while touring Washington DC tonight at dinner.  We also discussed how visiting the capital and the memorials to our country’s history and founding fathers makes all of our differences today seem so incredibly meaningless.  

It’s so sad to think that our founding fathers who had such vast and significant differences of beliefs and ideals and where able to put those differences aside in order to build a nation that was bigger than any or all of those differences, and yet we have politicians today that knowingly risk the unity and integrity of our country for petty and trivial reasons, it almost seems treasonous.  

When you hear politicians that want to emphasize and amplify the differences between Americans, this should be an obvious sign that they do not posses the character, integrity, or ideals of our forefathers.  

Americans have so many reasons to put their differences aside and to strive to build a better nation.  For anyone to point out such petty and trivial differences and suggest that we can’t work with each other, they obviously have no desire to build a more perfect union and only wish to promote their own self interests and completely disrespect the efforts and sacrifices of all great Americans before them.  

So, on Tuesday we vote.  Ask yourself which candidate has the best interest of the country in mind, not their own political careers, not the interests of their own party, but the interests of all Americans.  A candidate that will happily  work with politicians of any political party as long as the country is made stronger and a more perfect union.