What is a Labrador to do on a beautiful Saturday morning? I mean he woke Jo up at 7:30 this morning demanding a early morning jaunt out to the park. He had his breakfast which included scrambled eggs. I was watching soccer and not giving him the proper attention he felt he deserved and his mid day walk is still some time away. So a good snooze on the patio sofa seems like the best option when you think about it. The photo of the flowers were just thrown in on this post because I thought they looked nice.

Yes that is the face of a Labrador who knows how to ham it up for the camera. Well, there isn’t much new lately at the chiti-graf household. I’m still running and blogging in my spare time. I haven’t played soccer since November but I think my ankle may be about ready to test in a pickup game soon. Jo is still playing and practicing the violin. I think she improves every week. She hasn’t been running since aggravating her IT band, so she’s been going to yoga with friends from work. I think she likes it.

The rainy season is coming to an end here in Northern California and spring time here is just ridiculously beautiful. I included some photos below.