Jo and I decided to actually dress up and go somewhere nice for our anniversary this year. Not that we don’t do something nice every year but but for our 13th anniversary it just seemed like a milestone. We went to Stomp in Blackhawk. It’s a new wine & small plates lounge near us. It’s becoming one of our favorite places to go for a light meal and mine.

Jo ran in the Las Vegas Rock & Roll half marathon. She and Lori ran dressed as Elvis along with 200 other running Elvi. Mike also ran while Drew, Maika, Lisa, and I provided moral support and cheered them on. Lori picked up the nick name “spice cake” from some spectators. Jo picked up the nick name “lion pass” and Maika is now also known as “hot sauce”. If these require explanation just ask.

I guess next year I’ll be running with them. In fact I think Jo and I will be running in the Big Sur marathon in a few months, probably not the full marathon though.