Jo and I went to Miami South Beach to celebrate our birthdays. We meet her brother James and her sister Mary and to our surprise, her sister Melissa came out as well. We had a blast. Jo’s sister Mary has a favorite hotel she stays at when she is in Miami. The Sherbrooke hotel was perfect. The owner Mitch and the lady of the hotel, Maggie were gracious and welcoming hosts. We did most of our dining a few blocks down from the hotel at News Cafe. It was a great time, eat, sleep, beach, drink, and enjoy the scenery. Oh and we can not forget Chabookas. If you don’t know what Chabookas are, you’ll have to ask. It’s kind of an odd story.

The Sherbrooke Hotel where we stayed in Miami

Jo, Melissa, and Mary about to have lunch at the News Cafe.

More photos from News Cafe

Some of the hotels while out for the evening on Miami’s South Beach

Views at the beach.

This is Jo, James, and Melissa one evening when we actually didn’t eat at News Cafe. We had a great dinner at Barolos, an Italian restaurant, further down South Beach. The dinner was great, the wine was better, and the conversation was exceptional.