Jo and I upgraded our iPhones to the new iPhone 3GS. I basically had to after spilling wine on my original iPhone and it finally died for good, with impeccable timing, seeing how the new iPhone just came out. So the new iPhones have GPS and with the application RunKeeper, you can keep track of your runs. It’s very cool. Check this out.

Jo and I basically walk from our condo up to a school a few blocks away and run 3 miles or so on the track. The application keeps track of distance, speed, calories burned, altitude changes, and the duration of the run. You just start the application on your iPhone before you start your run and stop it when your done. The application uploads your data to the web site and you login to view the details. Technology is amazing.

Ryan, one of our really good friends and a former coworker of mine from Accenture is on a project out here in the Bay Area. We’ve had a blast since he’s been here. We are all hooked on True Blood on HBO so we wait until he comes into town and we all watch it together. Of course there is always some pre show drinks and food. And yes he is obviously posing so that I can add his photo to my contact for him. The wine was an absolute must have element.

I hadn’t decided if I liked this sculpture or not until recently. I think I decided that I do like it for some reason. It’s in the park that’s near our condo and where we walk Stan. It’s of a tree with metal leaves that blow in the wind and have a wind chime sort of sound. They had problems with the metal leaves breaking off and flying away in the strong winds so its been reworked recently. I’d hate to be in the path of a flying metal leaf. It’s call “Wind, Light, Shade, Tranquility” and by an artist named Bill Gould.

I took this picture with the iPhone camera and imported it into the GIMP. I then applied the oilify filter and and removed a few items that didn’t add to the aesthetics. I also smoothed out some of the detail and digital artifacts from the oilify filter to give it more of a oil painting look.

I don’t think this small version is nearly as nice as the original. You can see it on my DeviantArt gallery here.

So we spent the day in Napa tasting wines with two of our favorite people, Drew and Maika. We stopped for dinner at this great restaurant, The Rutherford Grill, with a very interesting sculpture of a boar and a crow. I think the second photo is pretty funny. Jo looks like she is cowering in fear of the boar. The first is of Drew and Maika enjoying a glass of wine at the restaurant. We had a great time and ended up staying the night there after drinking wine all day.