The first time Jo saw the commercial for the MacBook Air, judging by her reaction, (read that as glazed eyes and jaw dropped), I had a feeling we’d be buying one of these at some point. Well that point was last week. We ended up buying two. No we are not that wealthy. Apple had a really good deal on refurbished MacBook Airs.

So we made the switch from a Windows XP desktop, an OpenSUSE Linux laptop, and one Windows Vista laptop. Neither Jo nor I will be sorry to see Windows Vista leave. So far I am just completely impressed with the quality and engineering of the MacBook Air. Mac OS X is also just slick, great looking, intuitive, and extremely well integrated. In fact I wrote this web update on my new MacBook Air. Here are a few pictures of this lovely machine.

Here is the the view from our patio into the common courtyard at the condo moved to in Dublin. This condo is perfect for Jo and I and Stanley. We have a park to walk Stanley just behind the complex. This has been my favorite place I have ever lived so far.